Friday, 26 September 2014

fashion's night out

Photos edited by Kristine Romano

This Wednesday, September 23rd, we attended Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in London for the very first time. We walked down Oxford Street to begin with and entered House of Fraser in order to receive the event map. The night mainly consisted of entering various designer stores and hoping they’d offer us free champagne or have some fur coats to marvel at. We also visited Selfridges, as you do, where an exclusive sculpture of Rick Owens is being displayed at the main entrance. We then ended the night with more champagne and met up with a couple of friends to enjoy the rest of the locations available to us.

We also wanted to make it clear that Ali is, in fact, wearing the same necklace and shoes as her last post. But given that we are students, and can’t afford new clothing everyday, we wanted to make it a priority of ours to show how one can easily re-work an item of clothing or two into a different outfit, whilst still being able to make it look completely different.

Johnny wears: Rabbit fur hood lined with pure silk, pony skin and leather jacket, Valentino shirt, Indian wedding bangles and bindi, all from local markets in India. Custom made trousers, Doc Martens and bag from Indian boutique.

Ali wears: Faux fur coat from Cambodia, Valliyan necklace by Nitya Arora, thrifted top, vintage skirt and Modern Vintage flats.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

mink and fox

Last night we made our way to Somerset House to live stream Tom Ford’s 2015 Womenswear Collection because we’re not important enough yet to actually attend his show. Although this is the case, we decided upon this venue in the hopes of meeting some interesting individuals. As predicted, we met a group of people who were wearing some amazing fur coats as well (you can check them out on our Instagram at folie.adeux). Who knew skinning animals for fur could bring people together?

P.S. This is actually Ali's natural hair colour for those of you who were wondering!

Ali wears: Mink fur coat from India, leather peplum top, Zara trousers, white H&M pumps and necklace from local market in India.

Johnny wears: Grey fox fur coat from India, velvet head wrap, vintage lizard pin, custom made shirt, custom made trousers, black Doc Martens, ring from local market in India and sunglasses from leather shop in SIngapore.

Monday, 15 September 2014

dripping in black

Photos edited by Kristine Romano

            Unlike Ali, I often wear one colour for my entire outfit, especially if that colour is black. People very often criticise those who wear all-black ensembles, but I believe it is the one colour that I genuinely feel completely comfortable in. I hope you enjoy this look (fittingly photographed outside a church – I’m probably unknowingly sitting on a tombstone).

Regarding each article of clothing, I own an entire wardrobe of robes, so I decided to pull out my black, sequin one and couple it with a lace shirt I designed for a charity fashion show in New Delhi. I am also wearing a black vest underneath the see-through shirt, and the trousers were custom made by my tailor in India. Finally, the shoes are my infamous black Docs.

            Also, stay tuned for another joint personal style post after we visit Tom Ford’s Spring 2015 Womenswear Collection, possibly in tears because we won’t actually be allowed in.


Photos edited by Kristine Romano

I usually have trouble committing to a completely monochromatic outfit (except for all black – of course) so I ended up adding a few black accents to this outfit. The all white creates a sharp, minimalist look so in order to spice it up I added a statement necklace. My closet primarily consists of white, black and grey pieces because these colors are clean and crisp. However, I do like to have a bit of fun with jewelry if my outfit is quite simple. I paired this skort with the shirt because of the asymmetrical aspects of each.

As LFW continues Johnny and I will be scouting the city for more fashion inspiration. Tonight we’ll go on another adventure around London for street style pics – stay tuned!

I’m wearing Modern Vintage flats, Zara skort, Brandy Melville hat, Philosophy top and the necklace is from Valliyan by Nitya Arora

Sunday, 14 September 2014

lfw street style

This Saturday we travelled around London in search of some free exhibitions from which to draw inspiration for our upcoming projects.

We started off by visiting the London College of Fashion in Oxford Circus to see “Simon Costin’s Impossible Catwalk Shows”. The exhibit revolved around a series of highly surreal and beautifully thought out runway ideas, our favourite being the “Sanatorium”. This particular piece consisted of a number of dresses being dipped into miniature bathtubs filled with dye, staining the white garments with vibrant colours right before your eyes. We then made our way to The Photographer’s Gallery, where we climbed our way up each floor and marveled at the huge variety of pictures that were on display.

Our final endeavour can be seen above, where we visited the Somerset House. As it is currently London Fashion Week, we thought this would be a perfect location to be inspired by others’ fashion efforts. The outfits ranged from classic to completely over-the-top, and today we have showcased some of the more toned down, sophisticated looks, because less is often more.

Enjoy our favorite looks from our adventure! 

Friday, 12 September 2014

black and white and red all over

Photos edited by Kristine Romano

After a week of getting settled into our dorms we finally had time to take pictures for our first post! The weather is beautiful in London at the moment, fingers crossed it stays this way for a while so we are able to leave the house without a million layers on.

Ali wears: Zara knit sweater, vintage skirt, UO sneaker wedges and thrifted bag.

Johnny wears: Leather jacket and jeans made in India, shirt from Singaporean boutique, Doc Martens, the bag and glasses from a leather shop in Singapore.


Photo by Kalpana Mohanty in New Delhi, India

This is the story of Ali and Johnny.

Ali and Johnny met in New Delhi, India, of all places, as they attended the same high school. Believe it or not, they weren’t friends at first. There was always some competition between the two of them about who the “better redhead” was (and yes, they were the only two redheads at their school). Although this was the case for a short while, it wasn’t long before they realised that their rivalry was juvenile. They soon came to know that they shared something much more important in common than the colour of their hair: their love for fashion.

Over the three years that they spent together in India, Ali and Johnny had collaborated on many creative projects. From helping each other with their IB Higher Level Art photo shoots, to designing runway collections for charity fashion shows that they had organised themselves. Their creative compatibility was undeniable.

Finally they landed in the same city for university, one of the most culturally diverse fashion capitals of the world – London. Here they will continue their creative journey while studying graphic and fashion design. And now, they have decided to start a fashion blog together.

So, without further ado, Ali and Johnny would like to personally welcome you to Folie à Deux! This blog will consist of posts about their personal fashion efforts, as well as London street-style, the fashion events they will (hopefully) attend, and their opinions about the various shows that will be debuted throughout the year. This blog will definitely keep you entertained and give you an insight into the life of two art students whose lives revolve around fashion.

Again, welcome to Folie à Deux, and enjoy your stay!