Monday, 15 September 2014

dripping in black

Photos edited by Kristine Romano

            Unlike Ali, I often wear one colour for my entire outfit, especially if that colour is black. People very often criticise those who wear all-black ensembles, but I believe it is the one colour that I genuinely feel completely comfortable in. I hope you enjoy this look (fittingly photographed outside a church – I’m probably unknowingly sitting on a tombstone).

Regarding each article of clothing, I own an entire wardrobe of robes, so I decided to pull out my black, sequin one and couple it with a lace shirt I designed for a charity fashion show in New Delhi. I am also wearing a black vest underneath the see-through shirt, and the trousers were custom made by my tailor in India. Finally, the shoes are my infamous black Docs.

            Also, stay tuned for another joint personal style post after we visit Tom Ford’s Spring 2015 Womenswear Collection, possibly in tears because we won’t actually be allowed in.


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