Sunday, 14 September 2014

lfw street style

This Saturday we travelled around London in search of some free exhibitions from which to draw inspiration for our upcoming projects.

We started off by visiting the London College of Fashion in Oxford Circus to see “Simon Costin’s Impossible Catwalk Shows”. The exhibit revolved around a series of highly surreal and beautifully thought out runway ideas, our favourite being the “Sanatorium”. This particular piece consisted of a number of dresses being dipped into miniature bathtubs filled with dye, staining the white garments with vibrant colours right before your eyes. We then made our way to The Photographer’s Gallery, where we climbed our way up each floor and marveled at the huge variety of pictures that were on display.

Our final endeavour can be seen above, where we visited the Somerset House. As it is currently London Fashion Week, we thought this would be a perfect location to be inspired by others’ fashion efforts. The outfits ranged from classic to completely over-the-top, and today we have showcased some of the more toned down, sophisticated looks, because less is often more.

Enjoy our favorite looks from our adventure! 

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