Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Photos taken by Lilith Dost

I guess you could say we are becoming a fan of nighttime photo shoots. But don't you just find these warm colours so captivating? Quite ironic how that worked out given we were absolutely freezing.

This happens to be the first post of the two of us posing together for a shoot, so we tried (notice the emphasis on tried) to coordinate our outfits. Both of our colour palettes match and there is also a slightly grungy feeling given off by the clothing. 

Johnny is wearing a matching t-shirt and shoes, both displaying colourful, religious imagery, but he is careful not to overdo the outfit, as he completes the ensemble with his favourite colour, black. Ali, on the other hand, opted for no patterns and muted, clean-cut pieces. Although they are very simple, each look is polished and well thought-out (let us know if you agree!). 

Johnny wears: AQ/AQ Sweatpants, Underated t-shirt, customised leather jacket, Manish Arora ring, and limited edition Hieronymus Bosch Doc Martens.

Ali wears: Fur and leather jacket from Cambodia, thrifted Suede skirt, velvet tank and boots.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

by night

Photos edited by Kristine Romano

In my case it was the trench coat that changed the outfit. When you wear a trench coat you have this sense of mystery about you. "What is she wearing underneath", and in this case it wasn’t anything too exciting except for a plaid skirt and my "winner” crew neck from Zara. Going along with the religious imagery of Johnny's outfit I decided to wear my rosary (that my good friend Selena gave me) styled with a few other necklaces as well.

Recently I've taken to wearing a series of different length necklaces with simple outfits. The accessories make these minimal, clean cut outfits more interesting. You can't see it in any of these pictures but I am also wearing a leather choker (that I borrowed from Johnny, of course), which has become a staple in every outfit I wear nowadays. I'm really beginning to love chokers in case you didn't notice!

Which outfit do you prefer? When I am wearing the trench coat, or when I am revealing all of my accessories?


Photos edited by Kristine Romano

For this week’s first personal style post, Ali and I wanted to explore how one simple article of clothing can completely change an outfit. So, in my case, I took a simple roll of thick jersey and converted it into a hood. We took pictures of how my outfit looked with and without the headpiece, and personally, I prefer the pictures where I am wearing the hood.

It really seems to complete the outfit, which I based around Catholic imagery. The t-shirt I am wearing is from Underated and it displays the punishment of Jesus Christ. I then decided to accessorise the outfit with jewellery that resembled thorns, an allusion to the crown Jesus wore when crucified, as well as wearing the hood, a part of many traditional garments. Finally, I finished off the outfit with leather trousers, to match the leather on the t-shirt and, of course, my Doc Martens.

Let me know which outfit you prefer! With or without the hood?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

frieze art


Last week we attended the Frieze Art Exhibition at Regent's Park, which was a very refreshing experience. Most of the art that was on display was by artists that we hadn’t heard of before. It was really exciting to see the immense talent that was spread out across the seemingly never-ending gallery space. Discovering new artists is always such a rewarding experience, and we can’t wait to fill up our sketchbooks with the pictures we took that day! Above we have displayed just a few of our favourite pieces, as this post would probably be a little too excessive if we were to include them all!

Furthermore, regarding our clothing, we both wanted to go for a more casual look. Our aim was to show that our outfits don’t always have to be all furs and silks in order to be considered “fashionable”.

Ali wears: Cashmere sweater, Zara skort, Brandy Melville hat, UO shoes and decorative bindi.

Johnny wears: Velvet headwrap, open-back shirt from local market in India, secondhand denim jacket, necklace from Nitya Arora, Carhart trousers, Doc Martens and decorative bindi.

Monday, 20 October 2014

after fashion in motion

Here are some pictures of the room in which the “Fashion in Motion – Ralph and Russo” Show took place. We apologise for how dark they turned out, but the lighting was hard to work with (although, don’t you think it actually makes them look quite nice?).

We also wanted to include some of the people we talked to after the collection and show you their wonderful outfits. We hope you have a great day! And let us know if you’re enjoying these kinds of posts!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

fashion in motion - ralph & russo at the v&a

A few days ago we attended the “Fashion in Motion – Ralph & Russo” Show at the V&A Museum. From the pictures above, you can tell that the designs were absolutely breathtaking. When the music started, the audience shuffled in their seats, got their iPhones ready, and the first outfit was revealed. For the beginning part the show, each outfit sparkled its way down the runway. The clothes were beautifully embellished with an assortment of beads and what looked like tiny crystals. As the show progressed, the designs became more structured, creating much bolder silhouettes. What we were particularly struck by were the headpieces that a couple of the models were wearing. Their shapes mimicked those of a bird in flight, or the whimsical moustache of Salvador Dali. Their striking winged tips added a touch of surreal beauty to the collection. And as the show went on, the garments became darker, larger, and much more dramatic.

Finally, the show closed with an astonishing bridal gown. The model made her way out onto the runway with a number of other people. At first, we weren’t sure why the show was interrupted by the appearance of these black, uniformed figures, but we soon came to realise why. As they then made their way backstage, the model started to walk and the audience discovered the very long train that was dragging behind her. She slowly floated down the catwalk, making sure every single guest had a chance to marvel at the outfit she was adorned with. And as she turned and made her way back, people had already started to clap in honour of this one masterpiece.

               All in all the show was a wonderful experience, and we got to mingle with some of the people afterwards. We were so fortunate to have attended, and we highly recommend you take a look at some of the designers’ other shows because we are very impressed by their clear eye for detail and beauty.