Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Photos taken by Lilith Dost

I guess you could say we are becoming a fan of nighttime photo shoots. But don't you just find these warm colours so captivating? Quite ironic how that worked out given we were absolutely freezing.

This happens to be the first post of the two of us posing together for a shoot, so we tried (notice the emphasis on tried) to coordinate our outfits. Both of our colour palettes match and there is also a slightly grungy feeling given off by the clothing. 

Johnny is wearing a matching t-shirt and shoes, both displaying colourful, religious imagery, but he is careful not to overdo the outfit, as he completes the ensemble with his favourite colour, black. Ali, on the other hand, opted for no patterns and muted, clean-cut pieces. Although they are very simple, each look is polished and well thought-out (let us know if you agree!). 

Johnny wears: AQ/AQ Sweatpants, Underated t-shirt, customised leather jacket, Manish Arora ring, and limited edition Hieronymus Bosch Doc Martens.

Ali wears: Fur and leather jacket from Cambodia, thrifted Suede skirt, velvet tank and boots.


  1. Amazing outfits, guys!

  2. these nighttime pictures are so cool! i really want to learn how to do them now!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  3. These pictures are gorgeous, it's hard to take such good pictures at night! || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle


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