Sunday, 19 October 2014

fashion in motion - ralph & russo at the v&a

A few days ago we attended the “Fashion in Motion – Ralph & Russo” Show at the V&A Museum. From the pictures above, you can tell that the designs were absolutely breathtaking. When the music started, the audience shuffled in their seats, got their iPhones ready, and the first outfit was revealed. For the beginning part the show, each outfit sparkled its way down the runway. The clothes were beautifully embellished with an assortment of beads and what looked like tiny crystals. As the show progressed, the designs became more structured, creating much bolder silhouettes. What we were particularly struck by were the headpieces that a couple of the models were wearing. Their shapes mimicked those of a bird in flight, or the whimsical moustache of Salvador Dali. Their striking winged tips added a touch of surreal beauty to the collection. And as the show went on, the garments became darker, larger, and much more dramatic.

Finally, the show closed with an astonishing bridal gown. The model made her way out onto the runway with a number of other people. At first, we weren’t sure why the show was interrupted by the appearance of these black, uniformed figures, but we soon came to realise why. As they then made their way backstage, the model started to walk and the audience discovered the very long train that was dragging behind her. She slowly floated down the catwalk, making sure every single guest had a chance to marvel at the outfit she was adorned with. And as she turned and made her way back, people had already started to clap in honour of this one masterpiece.

               All in all the show was a wonderful experience, and we got to mingle with some of the people afterwards. We were so fortunate to have attended, and we highly recommend you take a look at some of the designers’ other shows because we are very impressed by their clear eye for detail and beauty.


  1. Argh I'm so jeal, I tried so hard to get tickets for this :( The gowns are fabulous, hope you had fun! X x

  2. Wow what beautiful pictures and clothes!!




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