Thursday, 23 October 2014


Photos edited by Kristine Romano

For this week’s first personal style post, Ali and I wanted to explore how one simple article of clothing can completely change an outfit. So, in my case, I took a simple roll of thick jersey and converted it into a hood. We took pictures of how my outfit looked with and without the headpiece, and personally, I prefer the pictures where I am wearing the hood.

It really seems to complete the outfit, which I based around Catholic imagery. The t-shirt I am wearing is from Underated and it displays the punishment of Jesus Christ. I then decided to accessorise the outfit with jewellery that resembled thorns, an allusion to the crown Jesus wore when crucified, as well as wearing the hood, a part of many traditional garments. Finally, I finished off the outfit with leather trousers, to match the leather on the t-shirt and, of course, my Doc Martens.

Let me know which outfit you prefer! With or without the hood?

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  1. You look amazing! I love this look


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