Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Today we visited the Natural Science Museum again because we wanted to explore it a little further (what is happening to us?). But we also went next door to the Natural History Museum, where we only stayed briefly and also plan to re-visit some time soon.

We realise it might seem strange that we’re visiting museums that are so far off from what we are currently studying, but the best piece of advice we were given whilst trying to think of ideas for our projects is to never seek inspiration from within the area you are studying, but to always look at outside sources. Much like the inspiration for our outfits. Both of us were inspired by crystal clear ocean waters for the main pieces of clothing we are wearing (the robe and jacket). Keeping this in mind, we both wore black for the rest of our ensembles to really make the reflective blues to stand out and really shine.

Ali wears: Black maxi and top from local market in India, Johnny’s jacket from leather shop in New Delhi and boots from H&M.

Johnny wears: Silk robe from Singapore, American Apparel t-shirt, custom made trousers from India, Hieronymus Bosch limited edition Doc Martens, necklace by Nitya Arora, glass ring containing blue liquid, spiky black ring by Manish Arora and bangles from local Indian market.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

weird science

On Wednesday we went to The Science Museum in South Kensington. Now you may be asking, how on earth did two art school students end up at a science museum? Well first of all, our friend had to measure one of the rooms inside the museum for her interior design class so we decided to accompany her. But more importantly, we decided to go because it is often in the places you least expect where you find your inspiration. Our favourite sections ended up being the space section (Ali has always been particularly fascinated by space) and the kid’s sections (naturally). The kid’s sections were the only parts that really kept us occupied as they consisted of many interesting interactive games (can you believe this is a personal style blog and now we’re writing about children’s games at a science musem?).

Due to the fact that today was one of those hiking-around-London days, Ali decided to dress with trainers. We both find that you can easily transform a basic pair of trainers into a sleeker look. The shoes combined with the rest of the outfit, really made for a look that was sporty yet sophisticated. And, of course, the ensemble was finished with a clean, slicked back high pony. Johnny, on the other hand, opted for something more dramatic (probably more appropriate for the stuffed animal section at the Natural History Museum). The emerald green of the feathers really shines through against the black of the leather jacket and trousers. We find that the look really works because this statement piece is paired with a structured, minimalist outfit.

Johnny wears: Feather top from Topshop, leather jacket and trousers custom made in India, black Doc Martens and a plain black t-shirt from American Apparel.

Ali wears: Nike trainers, pleather circle skirt, velvet custom made top, thrifted overcoat and her dog Lulu's collar.

Friday, 14 November 2014

neon lights

Photos edited by Kristine Romano

Tonight we went exploring around Oxford Street to see the wonderful Christmas lights. The display was so heartwarming as we became quite nostalgic and started to reminisce about each others’ family traditions during this special holiday. Who else is excited for winter break?

We then started to aimlessly walk around, and we somehow made our way to the Langham Hotel. As we walked around the corner, we noticed the BBC headquarters and thought the lighting around the building would compliment the reds in our clothing (if you couldn’t tell, our shoots are usually quite spontaneous). So, we hope you like the pictures and our outfits!

Johnny wears: T-shirt from Underated, rabbit fur collar from India, Carhart trousers, wedding bangles from local market in India, “middie-rings” by Nitya Arora and black Doc Martens.

Ali wears: Johnny’s red leather jacket made in India, scarf from Zara, jumper from Topshop, skirt, leggings and shoes from H&M.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

silver accents

This is actually one of my favourite outfits so far on this blog. Black and white is always a colour combination with which you can never go wrong, and I decided to accessorise the outfit with silver accents. Now, I usually never wear silver because I think it looks a little cheap compared to gold or other metals, but with this outfit I wanted to stick with a very monochromatic palette. I also love the colours in the background of these pictures – the warm, earthy browns contrasting with the harsh, clean whites.

Anyway, back to my outfit, I am wearing a white leather jacket, and a plain black shirt from Burberry tucked into my custom tailored trousers from India. And regarding my accessories, the hat and earpiece were gifted to me by my brother, the sunglasses are from a small boutique in Singapore and the ring I bought on a trip to Oxford (it’s filled with black liquid, and a small bubble of air shifts around the ring as you move!).


A modern twist on rock n’ roll? I guess this can be used to describe the combination of the pleather pants and the AC/DC top, customised with the velvet blazer. And why does it work? The fusion of colours and textures. The leather and velvet are an interesting match, a softer fabric with one that is harder at the touch, while the plain cotton t-shirt just ties the outfit together.

Furthermore the all-black peppered with subtle hints of colour (from the maroon on the shoes, t-shirt, vintage jewellery and pink sunglasses) further fuses the garments together, completing quite a minimalist look.

Monday, 10 November 2014

velvet and crocodiles

Photos edited by Kristine Romano

So these are actually the outfits we wore to the opening of the Alexander Wang X H&M Collaboration (which, yes, we realise was last week, but if you follow our Instagram, you’d have seen that we updated it at a fairly reasonable time comparatively!).

The clothes were interesting, and we say interesting because they were a little bit of a let down, but they are far beyond anything H&M usually sells, so we were nonetheless happy. Also, Alexander Wang is a huge name in the fashion industry, and we absolutely love it whenever such highly acclaimed people in regards to fashion make themselves a little more accessible to people like us (“us” meaning students with barely any money).

And actually, in honour of H&M collaborations, Ali is wearing Johnny’s crocodile sunglasses that he so viciously fought for from the jewellery collection Anna Dello Russo designed with the brand. And Johnny is paying homage to the glasses as well with his crocodile brooch from India.

Johnny wears: Custom made velvet jacket and trousers from India, plain black jumper from H&M, black Doc Martens and embellished crocodile brooch and crucifix ring.

Ali wears: Mink fur coat from India, thrifted velvet top, pleather trousers, shoes from H&M and vintage bag.