Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Today we visited the Natural Science Museum again because we wanted to explore it a little further (what is happening to us?). But we also went next door to the Natural History Museum, where we only stayed briefly and also plan to re-visit some time soon.

We realise it might seem strange that we’re visiting museums that are so far off from what we are currently studying, but the best piece of advice we were given whilst trying to think of ideas for our projects is to never seek inspiration from within the area you are studying, but to always look at outside sources. Much like the inspiration for our outfits. Both of us were inspired by crystal clear ocean waters for the main pieces of clothing we are wearing (the robe and jacket). Keeping this in mind, we both wore black for the rest of our ensembles to really make the reflective blues to stand out and really shine.

Ali wears: Black maxi and top from local market in India, Johnny’s jacket from leather shop in New Delhi and boots from H&M.

Johnny wears: Silk robe from Singapore, American Apparel t-shirt, custom made trousers from India, Hieronymus Bosch limited edition Doc Martens, necklace by Nitya Arora, glass ring containing blue liquid, spiky black ring by Manish Arora and bangles from local Indian market.


  1. Great outfits, and it's ok to visit museums..we do the same from time to time =D and I am happy that young people find a time for it ;).
    And Ali, on the last photo you look like Lorde O:-)

    Have a fantastic days,
    Michael / facebook

  2. You both are fantastic! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  3. The silk robe is from singapore? PRAY TELL WHERE DID YOU GET IT I MUST HAVE IT


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