Monday, 10 November 2014

velvet and crocodiles

Photos edited by Kristine Romano

So these are actually the outfits we wore to the opening of the Alexander Wang X H&M Collaboration (which, yes, we realise was last week, but if you follow our Instagram, you’d have seen that we updated it at a fairly reasonable time comparatively!).

The clothes were interesting, and we say interesting because they were a little bit of a let down, but they are far beyond anything H&M usually sells, so we were nonetheless happy. Also, Alexander Wang is a huge name in the fashion industry, and we absolutely love it whenever such highly acclaimed people in regards to fashion make themselves a little more accessible to people like us (“us” meaning students with barely any money).

And actually, in honour of H&M collaborations, Ali is wearing Johnny’s crocodile sunglasses that he so viciously fought for from the jewellery collection Anna Dello Russo designed with the brand. And Johnny is paying homage to the glasses as well with his crocodile brooch from India.

Johnny wears: Custom made velvet jacket and trousers from India, plain black jumper from H&M, black Doc Martens and embellished crocodile brooch and crucifix ring.

Ali wears: Mink fur coat from India, thrifted velvet top, pleather trousers, shoes from H&M and vintage bag.

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