Thursday, 20 November 2014

weird science

On Wednesday we went to The Science Museum in South Kensington. Now you may be asking, how on earth did two art school students end up at a science museum? Well first of all, our friend had to measure one of the rooms inside the museum for her interior design class so we decided to accompany her. But more importantly, we decided to go because it is often in the places you least expect where you find your inspiration. Our favourite sections ended up being the space section (Ali has always been particularly fascinated by space) and the kid’s sections (naturally). The kid’s sections were the only parts that really kept us occupied as they consisted of many interesting interactive games (can you believe this is a personal style blog and now we’re writing about children’s games at a science musem?).

Due to the fact that today was one of those hiking-around-London days, Ali decided to dress with trainers. We both find that you can easily transform a basic pair of trainers into a sleeker look. The shoes combined with the rest of the outfit, really made for a look that was sporty yet sophisticated. And, of course, the ensemble was finished with a clean, slicked back high pony. Johnny, on the other hand, opted for something more dramatic (probably more appropriate for the stuffed animal section at the Natural History Museum). The emerald green of the feathers really shines through against the black of the leather jacket and trousers. We find that the look really works because this statement piece is paired with a structured, minimalist outfit.

Johnny wears: Feather top from Topshop, leather jacket and trousers custom made in India, black Doc Martens and a plain black t-shirt from American Apparel.

Ali wears: Nike trainers, pleather circle skirt, velvet custom made top, thrifted overcoat and her dog Lulu's collar.


  1. That feathertop is stunning, woooow =O And the leather jacket is the base of every closet I have to say =)
    And Ali's coat, oh <3
    You both look awesome here..
    Have a fantastic weekend,
    PS: I follow you on GFC and bloglovin, would you mind to follow me on my facebook? Thanks ^_^ / facebook

  2. The feathertop is truly amazing! The color suits you very well :)

  3. Lovely looks both of you guys xx

  4. Cool Photos and Outfits!!
    xx, nissi

  5. Stunning outfits! I'm in love with this leather jacket!

  6. LOVE the leather/feather jackets!!!

    well done guys


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