Monday, 12 January 2015

london menswear collections: ktz and dunhill

So, this weekend we were invited to two shows for the Menswear Collections here in London, one of them being KTZ and the other Dunhill. We were very excited to attend the collections and be able to experience these two fashion house’s designs first hand. And naturally, we had to find something to wear that would somehow be appropriate for both shows.

Once we had attended the first show, KTZ, we then made our way straight to the Dunhill show. When we arrived we realised how outrageously dressed we were compared to everyone else. I mean, we usually dress quite outlandishly anyway, but this was an event where very important people like the creative directors for Dunhill and Victoria’s Secret and various “Youtube celebrities” were just causally roaming around in their well tailored suits and minimalist cocktail dresses. So, we seemed to be a little out of place and decided the only remedy for how uncomfortable we felt was the free champagne!

The show itself was really a wonderful experience though, especially for Johnny, given he has applied for Menswear. The clothing was, naturally, beautifully tailored, and the use of the coloured stripes in the garments was a nice little playful touch to the entire collection. Some of our favourite garments included the coats that the models were showcasing, one of them being a magnificent hooded navy blue jacket. The beige fur complimented the dark tones of the coat, and the overall look just looked very complete.

Although we were very appreciative of the fact that we were invited to view the show and socialize with those who also attended the after “party”, we had a lengthy discussion afterwards about how we think Menswear Shows really need to “loosen up” a little. Maybe it was because we felt like fish out of water surrounded by all these expensive, tailored suits, but we feel that the reason as to why Womenswear shows are so much more popular is due to the fact that the designers really experiment with their silhouettes, prints, textiles, runways, etc. Now, we understand that certain brands have a specific aesthetic, for example, Dunhill, but we were much more inspired by the clothing from the KTZ Menswear show instead, simply because they seem to take more risks in their collections.

Let us know what you think! And enjoy the photos!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

a kindred celebration

Happy New Year's Day! We hope you all celebrated the new year responsibly, because now it's time for our 2015 resolutions. Now, usually resolutions are only stuck by for a few days or, if you are lucky, a few weeks, but are then quickly forgotten. Will 2015 be different? We hope so! This year has been an exciting adventure for both of us, graduating high school, beginning our journey at UAL and becoming independent "adults." We hope that we can stick to these resolutions and make 2015 even more exciting than 2014!

Our 2015 Resolutions:
  • The infamous work out regime and desire to eat healthier
  • Post more frequently on the blog
  • Vary our posts
  • Network in our areas
  • Get onto a degree after foundation!
Regarding the pictures for this post, we wanted to try something a little new. So, we both wore the same statement robe, to show how such an item of clothing can be worked not only into different outfits, but also into different genders. 

What are some of your new years resolutions? Whatever they may be, work hard to fulfil them!

Johnny wears: Custom velvet robe, custom made shirt, H&M choker, Carhart trousers and Doc Martens.

Ali wears: Johnny's velvet robe, Zara pants, Steve Madden heels, thrifted top, Brandy Melville Hat.